When it comes to providing care, only the very best candidates will do. We work with companies across the UK to hand pick and recommend outstanding social care staff, ensuring our clients find the perfect person for every role, quickly and effortlessly.

Why ask Instant Healthcare UK?

We like to do things differently around here. We don’t believe that finding  the best candidates for social care roles is a numbers game.  Rather than leave you with a pile of hit and miss CVs to sift through, we invest time in understanding each business and each applicant on a personal level.


Our approach to social care recruitment is about quality, not quantity. After learning about your business’s ethos, needs and preferences, we turn our attention to the exceptional candidates on our books, reviewing their ambitions , qualifications and lifestyles. We then begin the process of hand-selecting perfect matches before sending you our carefully-vetted shortlist, with compliance documents attached.


For busy businesses, this process doesn’t just save time, it also ensures that vacancies are filled by the best possible staff who have found their very own perfect role – often resulting in great, long-term working relationships.

Work with us

We work with social care providers of all shapes and sizes, right across the UK. Every client is different, but we work hard to build lasting, supportive connections with each business. In some cases we function as an external extension to HR departments, in other instances we stay in close contact to fulfil regular recruitment needs.


Building these relationships is an important part of how we work, it ensures we not only deliver the right candidates, quickly and accurately, but also tick every box each company may have when it comes to things like compliance and hiring processes.


Ready to find an exceptional candidate to fill your vacancy? Get in touch with our team of specialist social care recruiters today to find outstanding candidates in your area and sector.

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