Clinical Staffs

Instant HealthCare UK fully understands how involved clinical support staff members need to be while looking after the general well-being and comfort of their patients. Clinical support roles also offer an ideal entry route into the field of nursing, paramedics, medical assistants, specialised technician and social workers.

Support Staffs

If you are someone who wants to make a career out of helping others, here are some opportunities, along with the respective eligibility criteria:


Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT):

Minimum high school diploma or GED (general education development) and certified emergency training. Candidates can possess any three levels; however, all three levels are generally recommended. Candidates must have knowledge of treating fractures, cardiac and respiratory emergencies, bleeding and first aid.



EKG (Electrocardiogram) Technician:

Associate Bachelor’s degree or two- four years of training in a related program. Individuals may also be required to undergo training as required in the field. Candidate must work directly with patients and have an uncanny ability to follow instructions given by the physician. Must have keen understanding of complex machinery.


Radiology Technician:

At least an associate degree in Radiology. Technicians will be required to follow instructions and process images correctly. Must have the knowledge of basic dye medicine. Good communicator and have command over radiology equipment.


Lab Technician:

An Associate’s degree in life science or medical technology is required, although a Bachelor’s degree would be preferred. Perform highly technical mechanical or diagnostic tests in medical and/or scientific laboratories, independently or under supervision of a pharmacologist.



Dietetic Assistant:

Applicants must have some experience in social work and a high school degree in Science and Math. Training in certification as a healthcare worker required. Good communication and organisational. Applicants will work alongside dieticians and tend to patients who require dietetic advice. Patients may have different health requirements depending on their condition such as cancer, orthopaedic issues, old age etc. Should be able to provide an exact diet plan for them.