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Welcome to Instant Health Care UK

Instant HealthCare UK is a staff-based, healthcare solutions agency in the UK. We dedicate our services to providing our staff and clients with an exquisite healthcare experience, inspiring and energising the medical community with brand new vigour.


24/7 Direct Connect

Our team of skilled healthcare specialists are ready to provide their health support services 24/7 so that your healthcare facility continues to operate smoothly around the clock

Need someone quick?

Get a member of staff within 30 minutes within a reasonable location. We see to it each healthcare professional offered to you has the highest quality skill set

Team of Healthcare professionals

Our team of healthcare specialists consists of highly skilled individuals who make sure that patient needs come before anything else.

Rounded Services

our highly trained doctors and medical officers incorporate the best professional clinical practices by way of education and research

Need a Healthcare professional quick ?

The quality of our care extends well beyond ourtotal staff strength. Our healthcare professionals treat every patient and their respective family members with the utmost respect, care, sensitivity and empathy. They adhere to the highest degree of professionalism, responsibility and ethical code which makes them worthy of the trust patients place in them. There is no peace like knowing your loved ones are in the caring hands of someone you can trust and relate to.

 Work with us

Our core principal is crystal clear: "We equip our staff to work as independently as possible, while helping them overcome barriers and providing access to the facilities they need to continue working efficiently."

If we put together all the service providers in the country, we sincerely believe healthcare workers are the most esteemed and respected individuals in the service provider sector, as the wellbeing of othersremains in their hands. You can enjoy the same experience of working with our healthcare support workers who have taken it upon themselves to providethe highest level of service qualityand performance. The centre of our work culture remainsteamwork, professionalism and mutual respect, which means sheer business success for you.


Other Services We Provide:

We're excited to extend our services to everyone in the UK, That’s why we are called UKIS -

UK Instant Services Ltd We provide the best cleaning and maintenance Services,

Professional Healthcare staffing and Robust employee management and compliance system

We’re leading the way for recruitment agencies in Leicestershire and beyond