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About Instant Healthcare UK

Specialist Social Care, Nursing, Vets, Life Sciences, Dental, Healthcare and Criminal Justice Recruiters.

Instant Healthcare UK are the fastest growing recruitment agency in the UK. Why is that? Because managers, candidates, companies and authorities across the nation are coming off the frameworks that are imposed by many agencies, as they seek to find reliable, consistent and convenient recruitment. Instant Healthcare UK provide exactly that. Working tirelessly to maintain relationships with managers and candidates, by cutting out the middle man, Instant Healthcare UK have made it their mission to build a better recruitment service.

Instant Healthcare UK bring a more human and relatable approach to locum recruitment. Driven by motivated recruitment experts, innovative technology and a fantastic reputation, Instant Healthcare UK continue to supply excellent candidates to managers across the nation who share a genuine interest in providing their patients and clients with the best possible care and justice.

Working in partnership with candidates and clients

The level of service that has established Instant Healthcare UK as one of the UK’s fastest growing recruitment agencies is also backed by ongoing support for our candidates and clients, so whenever you need us, we’ll be on hand to help.
Whatever we’re doing, it seems to be working. We haven’t been around for long, but our dedication to working longer, harder and more productively than the competition is really paying off. But it’s not just hard work that has helped us revolutionise the recruitment industry – we’re also committed to doing the simple things right:
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