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What is training and development and why is it important?

Training and development are vital parts of learning how to carry out the work involved in any job. Whether you’re entering the workplace for the first time or switching career paths, training and development are valuable in growing your skill set and helping you understand what you do. While many jobs look for specific qualifications, there are a number of certain skills that are more easily learned as part of your role. In this article, we look at what the concepts of training and development mean, why they’re important and the types you may encounter in your work.

Why are training and development important?

Training and development are important for multiple reasons, from onboarding new employees by introducing them to basic techniques to updating and refreshing existing employees as circumstances, equipment and personnel change within a company. Some of the most important reasons for providing training and development in the workplace include:

Faster onboarding into new jobs

New jobs generally involve a learning curve. Whether you’ve moved from a similar position or you’ve changed fields entirely, an ample amount of training at the start of your employment can support you in learning the job faster. Onboarding sessions and training for the first few weeks of work are common in most businesses and good training programmes contribute significantly to positive employee satisfaction early on.