Locum Recruitment

Find out what makes our multi-award winning locum recruitment team tick.

Keeping Britain Healthy

Our experience speaks for itself: established for more than a decade and having won a host of awards for our locum recruitment experience, we can help you improve patient care and become cost efficient.
We’re also able to support trusts and organisations across every medical discipline, recruiting doctors, nurses, health science professionals, admin and clerical staff, allied health professionals and social workers.

Robust compliance

We’re also renowned for our commitment to compliance.
All candidates and their documentation is thoroughly checked and vetted before they start working with us. And we work tirelessly to ensure all of our compliance checks and procedures are up to date and foolproof.
You only get fully compliant candidates – giving you genuine peace of mind.


Our resourcing teams develop pipelines of health and social care specialists all over the UK, which ensures that any and every client demand can be met quickly and easily. It also allows us to manage larger scale projects, or respond to recruitment emergencies with a minimum of fuss.
We use a variety of online and offline methods – including social media, sector-specific job boards and regional press advertising – to maintain candidate levels. Additionally, we work closely with our international teams to bring in specialists from overseas.

Managed services

Through Clarity – our technology partner – we can manage and deploy large numbers of locums on a regular basis.
It’s available on a master vendor or neutral vendor basis, giving you choice over how you control your supply chain. But either way, we remove much of the recruitment burden, giving you more time for the work that really matters: patient care.

Get in touch

If you’re looking for new ways of recruiting more locums, contact us.

Instant Healthcare UK Doctors have provided the Master Vendor service to Nottingham University Hospitals for over 3 years, always providing compliant, high calibre candidates at competitive rates. The vendor agreement has improved our agency booking process immeasurably and the service has given us a real-time overview of our incumbent locum spend. Instant Healthcare UK direct engagement service offering has increased our uptake considerably and can often make agency locums more cost-effective than bank. In our first year with Instant Healthcare UK they reduced our locum spend by over 15% and as the contract continually evolves Instant Healthcare UK Doctors work closely with NUH to identify ongoing efficiencies and opportunities to reduce our locum spend.