When it comes to providing exceptional nursing, the individuals who deliver care on the “front lines” are the people who really matter. However cutting edge your facilities, or smart your  business’s structure, your patients’ well-being rests almost solely with the nursing staff who care for them day to day.


We work with organisations across the UK, helping them to find the perfect nursing staff for every vacancy. We work quickly and with careful attention to detail in order to deliver ideal candidates for every position, even at the last minute. Whether you’re seeking health care assistants, community nurses or specialist mental health nurses, well find your perfect fit, fast.

Why ask Instant Healthcare UK?

We’re not like other recruitment agencies you’ve worked with in the past. We take pride in what we do and work hard to ensure our service is founded on hard work and industry insight.


We don’t present you with a mismatched selection of CVs. Instead we hand select ideal candidates  after taking the time to understand your organisation and how your vacancy dovetails with the strengths, skills and goals of our nurses. Once we’ve compiled all of this information we’ll send you our fully-vetted shortlist of candidates, complete with their compliance documentation.


This approach doesn’t just save organisations from sifting though piles of inappropriate CVs, it also ensures they work with outstanding staff who are happy in their ideal next role, creating positive working relationships.

Work with us

We work with a wide range of organisations across the UK. From small businesses to large organisations, we strive to create long-term, helpful connections with our clients. Each business we work with is unique, and we work to offer a service which suits their precise needs. In some cases we offer ad hoc recruitment services, in others we perform as an extension of HR departments, how you work with Instant Healthcare UK Recruiting is entirely up to you. Are you looking for exceptional candidates to fill your nursing vacancies?

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