A simple checklist to ensure you complete your timesheets correctly and get paid on time.

A handy checklist so you’ll never have a problem with your timesheets

While completing the timesheet please ensure that the correct division timesheet template is used i.e Instant Healthcare UK Social Care, Instant Healthcare UK Doctors, Instant Healthcare UK Nursing, etc.

Ensure all of the required information is included and written clearly on the timesheet (as per below).

  • Locums full name
  • Client/hospital full name
  • Week ending date and shift break down (including start, end, break times and total hours worked) please note all times should be written in either 24hr or AM/PM format to avoid errors with payment.
  • Job title

Please ensure you also include the Locum and Clients’ signature.

  • Workers using E-timesheets need to ensure that they submit their timesheet by the deadline.
  • Where necessary please include all PO/reference numbers for the shifts completed on the timesheet.
  • Please scan timesheets and submit as an email attachment or via fax.

Photographed timesheet update

If you are unable to email or fax your timesheet, you can send over a photograph of the completed timesheet. We ask that this is only done as a last resort, if you have no alternative as the quality is often poor and can lead to the timesheet being rejected.

Here are some tips for improving the quality:

  • Place timesheet on a flat surface and take the photo from directly above
  • Keep a steady hand and ensure the camera is focused
  • Save your timesheet as a jpg, BMP or tiff format and not PDF
  • Use an App to improve the quality of the image and reduce the size of the file ideally to under 150kb in size.

Here are links to a few free recommended apps you may wish to try: