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Why HealthCare Providers Should Work with Us

Instant HealthcareUK provides a wide range of medical experts, trained professionals, and management specialists for meeting all workforce requirements in your organisation. Are you a healthcare set-up looking for nurses or physicians on a temporary basis? Do you have a staff member who had to unexpectedly take days off and you are now at odds about finding a replacement? Need full-time management assistance for your medical firm? Perhaps you are looking for a healtcare service professional to provide a family member with the necessary healthcare so that they can be nurtured back to full health?

No matter what your medical emergency, IHC has it covered with highly trained medical staff ranging from nurses,physicians, technicians and health workers to managers and healthcare service clerks. Instant HealthCare UK provides you with all kinds of healthcare staffing solutions.


At IHC,we make everything easy through our diverse selection of hand-picked local and international healthcare specialists. As our client, you have access to all types of medical experts including surgeons, physicians, dermatologists, nurses, clerks and more. We offer a complete staffing solution to meet your healthcare needs which includes:

  • Access to medical staff on a contractual basis.
  • Provide immediate "vacation coverage" staff to temporarily fill in for employees who are on vacation.
  • Aid in launching a new medical/healthcare facility.
  • Cover for employees who have taken a sudden leave of absence.
  • Meet any nurse staffing crisis on an ongoing basis.

Recruitment Process

Our recruitment process for every health worker is customisedaccording toeach client's unique requirement. Upon receiving a request, we first handpick the most likely candidate for the job through our detailed credential process.

The credential process is quick and easy, and it largely functions on the basis of what you want and how you want it. For example, we offer clients three categories of healthcare specialists to choose from, depending on what level or duration of service is required:

Healthcare skills and experience:

01. Per Diem

Offers healthcare professionals who are best suited to working on a daily basis.

02. Local contracts

Healthcare assets who reside within the nation and work on a contractual basis as per the UK standards.

03. Outsourcing

Medical care workers who are ready to work under any situation or organisational hierarchy.

04. Travel contracts

Health service professionals who reside outside the UK but have a work permit to work alongside IHC UK.


Instant HealthCare UK has contracts with Leicester Social Services and has staff trained to provide support and care for the following: The older person - Physically disabled - Persons with a learning disability - Mental illness - Terminally ill.

Hiring a Healthcare expert on short notice can often set you back by thousands of pounds. Moreover, due to unforeseen delivery delays, your reputation might be at stake and you might lose trust with your patients, which you must have surely worked hard to build. At IHC, we are your best hope for getting high-quality nursing and physician care in a relatively short timeframe, compared to other care services agencies. We have a highly structured database through which we can instantly shortlist the best employees within our agency, so that you can get the healthcare specialists you need in a jiffy. We strive to meet your individual requirements while keeping the highest performance standards in mind. This helps your medical and healthcare facility improve its overall track record and performance, and take your level of patient care to new heights, while demonstrating high accountability in this evolving age.

We Specialize In

We provide a wide range of services

01. Professionalism

Instant HealthCare UK offers a platform where healthcare professionals can easily connect with you. We help you find the medical care expertise you require. Through our input, efforts and flexible staffing solutions, your management can incorporate cost-effective ways to improve budget planning, better allocate staff members to each patient, and improve overall care quality. In addition, our expert staff will help you create better patient care solutions and share their own tricks and tips, which will also help you better manage time. Improve your process implementation, regardless of facility size or operational complexity.

02. Helping Hand

IHC wants to help you meet the highest standard of patient care which is why our employees undergo skills training that is in line with the new National Minimum Care Standards.

Why Work With Us

We provide a wide range of services

01. Why Should Work with Us

Areyou someone who can quickly identify a patient's needs? Are you good at building a rapport with patients, potential patients and their family? Can you encourage a patient's self-dependency by chalking out clear goals? Are you generally good at teamwork?

Instant HealthCare UK can help you land the opportunity of a lifetime. We have the most extensive network of healthcare agency jobs available at the click of a button. We provide you with the platform and facilities so you can decide where and when you want to work, and who you want to want with.

Instant HealthCare UK believes that our employees are the stars of the show and the reason for our very existence. We cannot achieve our goals of providing high quality healthcare without your continued trust and input. Join us in discovering the top healthcare career opportunities so that you can gain extensive experience working in a variety of healthcare facilities and enjoy many health worker benefits along the way.

Whether you need assistance with work credentialing and licensure or travel arrangements and work assignments of your own, we will facilitate you in the Visa, ticketing and travelling process, including all other formalities so that you can focus on your work, education and training. We provide you with an extraordinary service and level of attention, because we understand how crucial meeting these goals are to your overall success.

If you happen to be an experienced health worker, we can further compliment that experience by matching your profile with the most relevant healthcare facilities, where your talents will be fully utilised.

02. We Want To Help You

We want to help you reach your professional goal and have you compensated in a way that aligns with your skill and experience level. We will facilitate you through proper utilisation of the latest medical technology and training that will help you nail promising job opportunities and add major points to your resume.

Whether you are an international candidate who wants to fly to the United Kingdom to share your skills and experience in the healthcare community, or fresh out of college and looking to gain work experience, Instant HealthCareUK is your one-stop solution. We not only provide the ticketing, work permit and accommodation, but also the latest medical know-how through our advanced training courses. Capitalise on the opportunity to work in one of the best UK healthcare service providers to build your expertise.

Due to our ongoing expansion, we are looking to recruit care workers and team leaders of all expertise levels. However, even if you lack the experience required to succeed in the healthcare sector, at Instant Healthcare UK, we can provide all the comprehensive vocational training you need to excel in your discipline.

Your noble journey to providing quality care for others starts here.