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Upon selection, successful candidates who get selected will further be required to present a valid passport. There is no need for a work Visa permit if the applicant are nationals of most countries residing in Europe, such as the United States of America, Canada, Australia, the European Union, and countries within the structure of the EU (including Switzerland). However, this is until Brexit. To stay up to date with the current UK work permit requirements, candidates should contact the UK Visa and Immigration website or go to the nearest British Embassy or Consulate.


Foreign nationals, except Commonwealth, must apply for their Visa before coming to the UK. Applicants should remember, Instant Healthcare UK will be helping them apply for work Visa permit and take care of their travelling needs until they reach the UK. This way, candidates will fall under the Intra-company Transfer (Tier 2) Visa form. We, at IHC UK, will apply for a work permit on behalf of skilled. All required documents and forms, including airplane tickets will be mailed to foreign workers within the course of 3-4 months or one month, after they receive their work permit.

Requirements Applicants

Applicants should make sure their educational qualifications match the profession requirements they are applying for. Whether it is a doctor, nurse or any other healthcare worker. They should also make sure that the Visa requirements are all sent on time so that they do not miss their joining date at work. After a few years of successful employment, employees can apply for British residency and permanently live in the UK without having to renew their visas.


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