How to Apply

How to Apply

Healthcare professionals or volunteers who want to join Instant Healthcare UK need to go through a quick and easy recruitment process. Instant HealthCare UK ensures that all applicants are treated equally regardless of their race, colour, ethnical origin, religion, country of residence, gender preferences and physical/mental disabilities. We also encourage applicants such as disabled individuals to join our team to enjoy the same benefits as any other staff member. We try our best to provide ease-of-access so that workers with disabilities can stand on equal terms with other staffers. We encourage them to work passionately and confidently alongside us. At IHC UK, the word "discrimination" or "different" is simply not in our vocabulary.


Application process

Here is how our 3-step recruitment process works:
  • Application process requires personal details such as previous experience, education and trainings received, etc.
  • Once the form is completed, applicants will receive an application number and notification of the application being successfully submitted.
  • Once selected by our professional recruiters, candidates will be required to send us all the required documents. This includes, proof of domicile, Identification Card of the country in which you reside in, passport-size photographs, Visa or permit to work in the UK (for foreign nationals only). If you are a European Union national but have family members living in the UK as citizens, you need to present an Identification Card as proof of being a European Union (EU) National.
  • If selected, candidates will be required to have a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check, in order to have themselves entered in the police and crime database. Candidates who do not have any criminal record should and take the test with ease, as this is simply an informational requirement. The Disclosure and Barring Service enables employers or recruiters to make safer recruitment decisions and discourage any ill-suited individuals to work with vulnerable groups, such as children or the disabled.
  • Candidates who feel reluctant about providing their data over to Instant HealthCare UK need not worry. We provide complete confidentiality on personal information which is not handed out if for some reason, candidates decide to discontinue service with IHC UK.
  • National insurance is necessary if candidates are citizens of the United Kingdom.
  • Candidates need at least two references from previous workplaces or institutes.
  • Candidates must be qualified as a healthcare expert in regards to the education in his/her field, or be qualified to work as nurse or doctor.
  • Finally, a detailed medical check-up will be performed which is required prior to being appointed. This will adhere to good occupational health practices and equal legislation of opportunities. Candidates should know that all checks will take the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA) into account. Measures will also be made to ensure employees can work regardless of any physical/mental impairment or disabilities.
  • Foreign Medical Graduates will be required to take pre-employment training (PET) before starting their professional work in the United Kingdom primary care system.
Instant HealthCare UK makes sure that each employee is treated and welcomed with respect andhonour while getting complete attention in regards to safety and basic needs. We ensure that each candidates needs are met to unlock their full creative potential.


Instant HealthCare UK has contracts with Leicester Social Services and has staff trained to provide support and care for the following: The older person - Physically disabled - Persons with a learning disability - Mental illness - Terminally ill.