Healthcare Support Workers

Healthcare Support Workers

Instant HealthCareUK believes in constant grooming and complete skill set mastery of each healthcare support worker. We are recruiting and delivering continuous training as well as education programs to our esteemed healthcare support workers, so that they are in a position to enjoy better work opportunities. We provide highly competitive remuneration packages and work timings for all employees.

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Support Worker

Here are positions currently available with us, including eligibility criteria:

01. Healthcare Support Worker/Assistant Practitioner:

High school diploma along with a one-year certification in Healthcare Support. Must be able to deliver delicate medical care under the direction and supervision of healthcare professionals, and support a multi-disciplinary team to deliver quality healthcare.

02. Pharmacy Clerk:

High school diploma or equivalent. No formal training is necessary to work at a pharmacy. Aspiring pharmacy clerks can receive on-the-job training directly from a pharmacologist. Must be able to flawlessly work at the registers in pharmacies, giving out prescriptions and handing over completed orders to customer, keeping track of incoming shipments.


Instant HealthCare UK has contracts with Leicester Social Services and has staff trained to provide support and care for the following: The older person - Physically disabled - Persons with a learning disability - Mental illness - Terminally ill.