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Rapid, simple and fair – this is because we are merely being kind and will to bring healthcare stress less free. With our direct connect short staff don’t necessarily no staff. Long are the days. Just click the button and we will be there in minutes This is one of a kind service request. Which allows our clients to request a professional Health Care by touch of a button? We will deliver a staff with 30 minutes. This is a specialized offer and we need Agencies to sign up for this offer. With this you rest assured to have a health Carer during unforeseen hard shifts.


                             Specialist Domiciliary Care

                                                            Support for a range of complex physical health conditions

We provide specialist domiciliary care and support for a range of complex physical health conditions, which includes acquired brain injury, spinal cord injury, motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis and muscular dystrophy. We also assist our clients with their daily living activities.

Our care packages are based on individual need, with a minimum duration of one hour per day, extending up to 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. This provision includes Out of Hours support for staff, which can be used to clarify minor queries, or it could be used to assist staff during a client emergency.


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